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Elevate your profits with expert strategies, precision launches, and unheard of service.  It’s time to get serious.

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Competition on Amazon has gotten fierce.  We help you win.

Dominating Keyword Strategies

A long-term keyword strategy is the road map of your product’s success, but it requires time and expertise.   Our team can do the research for you!

Cutting Edge Ranking Campaigns

Changes in Amazon’s algorithm means old ranking techniques simply don’t work.  Our launches are devastatingly effective, and our results prove it.

Insightful, Actionable User Feedback

Our product testers complete a detailed survey post-purchase; this brutally honest feedback helps you test markets and improve conversion!

Your Success is Our Team's Top Priority.

The dream of a wildly profitable Amazon business is within your grasp, but choosing a great product and putting up a listing just isn’t enough anymore.

Ranking + conversion = sales.  Lots of them.  Rank Falcon’s expert staff works hands to provide optimization recommendations, craft a successful keyword strategy, and rank your products with our proprietary launch tools.  When you win, we win!

What Amazon Sellers are Saying:

“This was amazing!  You’ve got a legitimate Amazon bazooka on your hands.  Within 10 days I was ranked exactly like you said I would be, and the sales jump was immediate.  Can’t wait to get you more keywords to work on.  Outstanding work!”

Jonathan C.

Amazon Seller

“My product had slowly been losing rank, and I was burning through money with ads.  After a Rank Falcon launch on some top keywords, I shot back to the top of page 1, and sales are back!  I’m truly impressed, lots of companies hype, you get it done.”

Gary A.

Amazon Seller

‘”Bringing our retail products to Amazon is a daunting task. With Rank Falcon’s hands on guidance, and solid keyword strategy, our launch was a HUGE success!  We’re selling out of inventory, and it’s a great problem to have.  You guys rock!


Amazon Seller

Let’s Talk Results.

Real-world case studies tell our story, and we’ve got thousands just like this. What would consistent page 1 rankings mean for your business?

Our Services


Product Launches

When launching a new product, the first month is critical.  We ensure your initial product launch effectively puts you on the map!


Targeted Ranking Campaigns

Whether you need to resurrect a stalled listing, or want to expand your product to reach new keywords, our rank abilities are unparalleled. 


Listing Optimization

Conversion is king when it comes to your Amazon listing.  We analyize images, copy, reviews and keywords to give you the edge.


Keyword Strategy Reports

It’s not hard to find the highest volume keywords, but our strategy reports find the “buying” keywords that lead to real sales.

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